Hudson Valley Update

So not much has happened since last time, we traveled around quite a bit and enjoyed our time here and had a blast. We got to see a black bear which is pretty cool because I’ve never seen one and also ate a nice burrito at El Tapatio in Middletown. But the owner was a jerk and made me pay extra. The menu says 7 dollars but when I was paying, he stood behind the girl at the counter and made her charge me an extra dollar. But whatever it’s not a big deal because we went to my aunts and she made bean tostadas which were excellent. She was kind of busy looking for someone to paint her house because it’s kind of hard finding house painting Middletown NY but she did find one, actually I just put the link there. All my friends left and went home so I am just staying here for a while now at my aunts. I will post more updates later.

Touring the Hudson Valley Week 1

After quite some time off, we’re finally back on the road and touring once again. What better place for our first stop than New York.

The Hudson Valley is a fantastic location to go to, with its stunning surroundings, friendly towns and incredible hospitality. The area is also simply the right size for exploring by bicycle, as I recently had the enjoyment to find out for myself. There is a lot about the country that is just too good to miss.

When I began planning my journey I ‘d discovered that it was tough to choose which part of New York to go to. There appeared to be some many sights to see that it was really tough to narrow my search.

I was, of course, expecting to discover NYC but I likewise wanted to see the country too. One option that I ‘d thought about was to drive round the state however the stress of figuring out how to rent a car and of needing to deal with expensive hotels ($350+ a night in Manhattan!) in the city made me not choose this option.

A friend discussed that it was possible to tour New York by bike but I was initially less than optimistic on the idea. My idea of biking vacations was based on youth experiences of old, sluggish moving vacations.

Middletown hudson valley
At first I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by all of the excitement of taking a holiday. With transport and lodging factored into the expense, I was able to enjoy myself and relax throughout the trip.

We managed to get a local guide for our trip, who we were pleasantly surprised had more information than we even hoped for. Her knowledge of the area and its hidden treasures only the locals know about added a fantastic experience of the entire vacation.

When it comes to the trip itself, I put together a travel plan that allowed me to take in a number of the area’s famous sights.

The Hudson Valley was as excellent as I ‘d hoped – the Rhinebeck Arts Festival offers an exceptional experience for those who enjoy a full day of art and shopping for the whole family including live music, kids activities, gourmet foods and concessions, hands-on demonstrations, while there are also a lot of pubs playing music. Unfortunately a piece of bone in the food I was eating chipped one of my teeth and I had to end the day early and look for a dentist in Middletown, since that’s where we were staying for the night.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and the landscapes on the mountains alone were more magnificent than it is possible to put into words.

A journey to NY is not to be missed out on and I would encourage you to visit soon!

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